The Importance of Strong Social Allies

Now, more than ever, it’s important to have strong allies on social networks.

A few years ago when social networks were relatively young, it was easier to stand out. Slap a “follow me on LinkedIn/Twitter/Facebook” at the bottom of your marketing emails and you were an instant innovator. Run a contest through you social networking profile and watch as your followers hang on your every word and click through to all of your offers. Read more…

LIMRA Study: 90% of Financial Services Companies Use Social Media

Norah Denley, Senior Research Analyst at LIMRA, released the results of a study last week on the growth of social media in the financial services industry. Among the study’s findings… Read more…

Forrester Research: B2B Marketers Need to Be Scientific about LinkedIn

It’s time to get scientific about LinkedIn.

Many marketers, maybe you included, think that the LinkedIn platform hasn’t reached the point where it should be measured by the same standards as “traditional” marketing efforts. But those marketers are wrong.  There’s data available for you to analyze and optimize LinkedIn just as you would any other marketing channel. Read more…