White Papers

Everyone’s in Marketing: 5 Steps to Becoming a LinkedIn Power User

As the old saying goes, “everyone’s in sales.” Now there’s a new reality: Everyone’s in marketing, too. This is especially true for B2B sales professionals, who need to develop a strong social brand, understand the importance of sharing quality content, and communicate the right message to position themselves as a trusted advisor for their connections. Always thinking like a marketer helps turn prospects into clients, and makes social networks like LinkedIn your most powerful marketing and brand-building tool. Read more…

Engaging the New IT Buyer: 4 Social Media Trends and How Marketers Should Adjust

This white paper will provide an overview of the current trends in social media use in the workplace. Readers will learn how social media affects decision making, how organizational approaches and policies develop around these new channels, and how marketers should
adapt and adjust to the changing dynamic that social media represents. Read more…